18 March 2011

Tips for P90X Exercises

Generally P90X covers fitness with 2 main exercises .
Which is Weight-Lifting and Cardio exercises .

Today I am going to give tips for Cardio type exercises ( Kenpo , Cardio X , Pylometrics )

  1. Stick with the timer and instructors . This will keep your heart rate up , by all means you will burn more calories .
  3. Drink water but not too much . While doing cardio types exercises , drinking too much water results in pain in the stomach . Also drinking water time = breaks . DO NOT TAKE LONG BREAKS .
  4. Do cardio exercises in the morning on empty stomach . In the morning before the breakfast , your blood sugar level is low . When you workout on empty stomach you force your body to use fat as an energy source .
  5. Work-out in cool room , your body will put more effort to heat you up . This result in burning more calories . Also working-out in warm room makes you less active . You may feel you dont want to workout . Low temprature wakes you up .
  6. If you are already doing these and you still feel those exercises easy for you . Try speeding up the exercises , you can simply turn the speed up on P90X videos .
Example ( I am using gom player , you can look on google to findout how to speedup your videos on your video player ) ;

 I usually use 1.4x speed . It is enough intensity for me . You can findout what is working for you .

Have a good day .

12 March 2011

Monthly Report : P90X Chest and Back

Sorry fellas in last 2 week I have been struggling with personal problems . I couldn't make a free time to write a post .

But I kept up working-out . I thought sharing my progress in last month would be a good idea .

Main point in push-ups and pull-ups , increasing rep number by %10 every week or once a 2 week .
I am in good shape , I have no problem with increasing it every week .

Every human being is different than other , so you have to find out which is working better for you .

And this is my weekly progress chart .

06 March 2011

Great Music for Yoga

Today I found a really cool instrument . It has a smooth sound .
It is called hangdrum . It really feels great while doing yoga . You can search youtube for it .

Here is a sample :

05 March 2011

Why do we "bodybuilders" shave our body ?

Bodybuilders are not naturally "clean skined" .
Actually , if I dont shave my entire body once a week I might turn into a
cookie monster . Because , working-out daily boosts your testesterone levels to sky high . Testesterone is well-known for being responsible of growing hair .

I decided to write about this because I get way too much question .
People wonder why do we shave our body .

There are several reasons . Some of them theories , some of them proven to be helpful what we are doing .

  • For competation
Hair is tend to hide defination of muscle . So when you are in a posing competation Hairless always > Hairy .
Also hair is unnecessary weight .

  • To make working-out easier
Hair got stuck in machines or sometimes you pull your hair while working-out .
It is painfull and makes you lose your concentration .
Also less hair = less air friction . Less air friction means easier to move your body .

  • To make you gain more muscle ( This is still a theory ) ; 
Maintaining and growing hair need nutraints . Cutting hair off leads to lesser maintain energy levels . More nutraints are able to used in body .
Hair is mostly creatine . Creatine is a essential for metabolism to produce energy . Creatine is used to create ATP in body . Maintaining and growing hair depends on creatine ingestion . With lesser hair your body will have more creatine to use on your energy metabolism .

  • Other cosmatic reason
Some people thinks hair is "manly" some people don't think that way .

27 February 2011

This is bulking . What we have been talking about .

Bulking means gaining weight . Basicly we gain weight , fat and muscle .

This means you may lose your sharp look . You still need to keep what you eat clean .
You cant eat everything in sight . You will just eat more what you eat before . HEALTY FOODS .

You can bulk with fatty hamburgers too . But the gains will be more fat less muscle . You want more muscle , less fat . Isn't it .

Many people get scared off bulking because when they are not able to see their 6 packs , they think it will be that way all the time .
This is not true .

Serious bodybuilders have a living pattern . Bulk in winter , cut in summer . So when the time is to compete they cut the fat they gain while bulking .
In winter , gain as much muscle as you can before the compatation time .

And here is pictures of same bodybuilder during the bulking and cutting time .

You see what I am talking about . This is bulking and cutting .

23 February 2011

Every Rep Counts ; Talking About Rep Counts

You probably heard before "one more rep" is the mind set of bodybuilders.
But is it always best to do "one more" or instead of doing "one more" increasing the weight ?
This depends on your goals . I found a great repetition scheme for people who has a goal but dont know how to achive it .

As you can see you have the chart . All you need to find suitable weights for you and do the targeted reps .

An example : You want to use 35 pound dumbbell at 8 rep . Next week do it with 9 rep . Other week 10 rep .
When you reach highest targeted rep get 40 pounds dumbbells and do 8 rep . And continue ... you get the idea .

-Have a great day.