18 March 2011

Tips for P90X Exercises

Generally P90X covers fitness with 2 main exercises .
Which is Weight-Lifting and Cardio exercises .

Today I am going to give tips for Cardio type exercises ( Kenpo , Cardio X , Pylometrics )

  1. Stick with the timer and instructors . This will keep your heart rate up , by all means you will burn more calories .
  3. Drink water but not too much . While doing cardio types exercises , drinking too much water results in pain in the stomach . Also drinking water time = breaks . DO NOT TAKE LONG BREAKS .
  4. Do cardio exercises in the morning on empty stomach . In the morning before the breakfast , your blood sugar level is low . When you workout on empty stomach you force your body to use fat as an energy source .
  5. Work-out in cool room , your body will put more effort to heat you up . This result in burning more calories . Also working-out in warm room makes you less active . You may feel you dont want to workout . Low temprature wakes you up .
  6. If you are already doing these and you still feel those exercises easy for you . Try speeding up the exercises , you can simply turn the speed up on P90X videos .
Example ( I am using gom player , you can look on google to findout how to speedup your videos on your video player ) ;

 I usually use 1.4x speed . It is enough intensity for me . You can findout what is working for you .

Have a good day .

12 March 2011

Monthly Report : P90X Chest and Back

Sorry fellas in last 2 week I have been struggling with personal problems . I couldn't make a free time to write a post .

But I kept up working-out . I thought sharing my progress in last month would be a good idea .

Main point in push-ups and pull-ups , increasing rep number by %10 every week or once a 2 week .
I am in good shape , I have no problem with increasing it every week .

Every human being is different than other , so you have to find out which is working better for you .

And this is my weekly progress chart .

06 March 2011

Great Music for Yoga

Today I found a really cool instrument . It has a smooth sound .
It is called hangdrum . It really feels great while doing yoga . You can search youtube for it .

Here is a sample :

05 March 2011

Why do we "bodybuilders" shave our body ?

Bodybuilders are not naturally "clean skined" .
Actually , if I dont shave my entire body once a week I might turn into a
cookie monster . Because , working-out daily boosts your testesterone levels to sky high . Testesterone is well-known for being responsible of growing hair .

I decided to write about this because I get way too much question .
People wonder why do we shave our body .

There are several reasons . Some of them theories , some of them proven to be helpful what we are doing .

  • For competation
Hair is tend to hide defination of muscle . So when you are in a posing competation Hairless always > Hairy .
Also hair is unnecessary weight .

  • To make working-out easier
Hair got stuck in machines or sometimes you pull your hair while working-out .
It is painfull and makes you lose your concentration .
Also less hair = less air friction . Less air friction means easier to move your body .

  • To make you gain more muscle ( This is still a theory ) ; 
Maintaining and growing hair need nutraints . Cutting hair off leads to lesser maintain energy levels . More nutraints are able to used in body .
Hair is mostly creatine . Creatine is a essential for metabolism to produce energy . Creatine is used to create ATP in body . Maintaining and growing hair depends on creatine ingestion . With lesser hair your body will have more creatine to use on your energy metabolism .

  • Other cosmatic reason
Some people thinks hair is "manly" some people don't think that way .