18 March 2011

Tips for P90X Exercises

Generally P90X covers fitness with 2 main exercises .
Which is Weight-Lifting and Cardio exercises .

Today I am going to give tips for Cardio type exercises ( Kenpo , Cardio X , Pylometrics )

  1. Stick with the timer and instructors . This will keep your heart rate up , by all means you will burn more calories .
  3. Drink water but not too much . While doing cardio types exercises , drinking too much water results in pain in the stomach . Also drinking water time = breaks . DO NOT TAKE LONG BREAKS .
  4. Do cardio exercises in the morning on empty stomach . In the morning before the breakfast , your blood sugar level is low . When you workout on empty stomach you force your body to use fat as an energy source .
  5. Work-out in cool room , your body will put more effort to heat you up . This result in burning more calories . Also working-out in warm room makes you less active . You may feel you dont want to workout . Low temprature wakes you up .
  6. If you are already doing these and you still feel those exercises easy for you . Try speeding up the exercises , you can simply turn the speed up on P90X videos .
Example ( I am using gom player , you can look on google to findout how to speedup your videos on your video player ) ;

 I usually use 1.4x speed . It is enough intensity for me . You can findout what is working for you .

Have a good day .


  1. Good info - too many people waste time with cardio because they don't do it properly. Nice post!!

  2. Thank you for the tips, will keep them in mind when i work out later today

  3. can you post that screenshot again, but with the options tabs minimized?

  4. that's the first time someone has explained why its better to do cardio in the morning. i'll have to start running earlier.

  5. Great tips, I'll use them next time I work out.

  6. Thanks! I need to get in shape so this is good help to me.

  7. good tips perhaps drinking water a night before will help