12 March 2011

Monthly Report : P90X Chest and Back

Sorry fellas in last 2 week I have been struggling with personal problems . I couldn't make a free time to write a post .

But I kept up working-out . I thought sharing my progress in last month would be a good idea .

Main point in push-ups and pull-ups , increasing rep number by %10 every week or once a 2 week .
I am in good shape , I have no problem with increasing it every week .

Every human being is different than other , so you have to find out which is working better for you .

And this is my weekly progress chart .


  1. Sounds like great progress, wish I could do have of those!

  2. Keep up the good work! It will pay off and results will show!

  3. nice progress, check out my blog for some more not so known exercises which give great results


  4. I envy you on the progress so much.

  5. Havent visited in a while,glad you are doing great!

  6. Sorry about the personal problems, we've definitely missed you. Looks like your progress is going swimmingly though, 341 pushups is nothing to sneeze at!

  7. Looks like you're doing a good job keeping up with it.