09 February 2011

About Me

Hello Internet ,

I am just starting to publish this blog .

So in my first post I would like to talk about a little about myself .
I am 20 years old . I like to workout , a lot . I am doing P90X right now . I got P90X 3 months ago . And finished first round . I am so impressed with the results so I decided to do it again and I will be writing about it .

Also on this blog I will write about fitness related stuff .

Thats all for now .


  1. First!

    Also, I noticed that your page is in a different language, what language is it in?

  2. I tried to do the army training routine about one year ago and it was so good for my body

  3. Ive considered the P90X fitness training, but was unsure if it was any good, I generally stick to my Military routine, and find it works great, however I am not adverse to trying a new system if it gets results.

  4. I saw a bunch of commercials for this thing, however I thought it was just anouther stupid rip off.

  5. i love p90x, but i got no time to do it :/...

  6. @lloyd
    It works flawlessly . No rip off . I thought the same like you before I start but my idea changed after all these result I got from it .

  7. lol, yeah. The artist is german and the artist is me. all the artwork in my blog is from me. do you have me a tip for strenghten my back? just that it stays healthy after all that sitting in front of the pc.

  8. @s-co

    I dont know your workout degree but if you are sedentry start with 10 pushup and increse it every other day.

    This would be a nice start

  9. I would like to ask, do you do cardio? If so I would be interested to hear what your routine is.

  10. @Zephyr
    I do cardio .
    My cardio routine is 2-3 days a week . I dont really have a pattern .
    Each cardio sessions are 45 minute maximum with medium intensity .

    Enough to burn excessive amount of calories but also not so much to breakdown muscle tissue .