10 February 2011

Day 3 ; Leg and Back

Just finished Leg and Back workout right now . I couldnt get a good sleep yesterday but pushed to the limit .
Todays total pull-up/chin-ups : 119 .

It wasnt my best day but it wasnt bad either . Had a little hard time with the wide front pull-ups .

Today I done all leg exercises with perfect form on 30 pound dumbbells , seems like I am going to up my weights at least 5 ibs per dumbbell next time . Hard workout is on the way for next week . I say BRING IT !

Since I am lowering my cardio exercises I didn't do the "80-20 Selbers Speed Squats" which is a great cardio .
But while trying to keep cardio low , I isolated cardio exercises to one day . I guess it will work .

Alright thats all about my daily workout for today .
Remember , "BRING IT!"

-Thanks for reading , have a great day .


  1. Damn. I've got to move my body again.

  2. usually when i do cardio, i run 20 minutes on the treadmill a day, gradually increasing the speed every 5 minutes

    not sure if thats the best way to go, but it works for me :-)

  3. @rocknrollcrazy

    I advice you to lift too . Cardio + lifting weights are synergizing when it comes to fitness .

    1+1 = 10

  4. Great information, I'm trying to gain weight so any and all info I can gather is vital.