10 February 2011

What I am doing ?

What I am doing ? I am talking about my fitness/diet routine .

I have just done 1 round of P90X 13 days ago . Right after that day , I decided this is a good time to move on a bulking up routine . Because we have almost 3 months before the summer time . Time that we show our guns :)

A good bulking period should be at least 3 months for me . This is what works for me . So this is why I am doing bulking up period right now . After I finish this 3 months I will have 1 month free time to "cut" fat that i will gain .

Less cardio , more weight .

Time to BRING IT!


  1. just put your mind to it. the results are definitely worth it!

  2. it's really mental, goodluck man.

  3. always wondered if p90x was any good

  4. Keep the cardio up too man its good

  5. I'm an ectomorph with a high metabolism so cardio is never something i've had to do. Been using those weight gain shakes from GNC for a couple of weeks now, noticing good gains from them, definitely rep them. Props for sticking through P90x for so long, almost done man keep it up!

  6. I just recently started p90x as well. It's been rough so far, but I plan to stick it out. I look forward to hearing of your bulk progress.