15 February 2011

Day 8 ; Chest Shoulders Triceps

Alright today is new week on my P90x schedule . It is kinda late to workout right now . I was so busy in day , I couldnt workout . Now I get back to home . Had a nice dinner which is some baked patatoes , salmon , and salad .

Todays workout is chest , shoulders , triceps AKA push-up day . My goal is for today doing more than 110 push-up . Also push-up day is one of my favorites in P90X program . Because it is a total core workout .

I will post my workout datas after I am done.

Thats all for now , BRING IT .


  1. do it man, im not gonna lie, im curious as to what you look like

  2. I like your blog but maybe a little more in depth about it. As to why your doing this even though im sure most people can assume why. I'm just saying it would make a solid post.

  3. I'm with Mdm, post some before/after shots please!

  4. Nice man, I'd try out your program if I wasnt an unfit bastard.

  5. 110 push-ups, how could this be your favorite day.